Com as prisões ilegais dos outros...

... podemos nós bem, terão pensado os agentes do governo francês.

France has defended visits by officials to a U.S. military camp at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay between 2002 and 2004 following a report which has thrown a terrorism trial into turmoil.(...)
"These missions, which were of an administrative nature, were aimed at identifying precisely French citizens who might have been at Guantanamo and at assessing their situation in a general manner," it [the French Foreign Ministry] said in a statement dated Wednesday.
It added that the aim was also to gather information needed to allow France to prevent terrorism and that representatives of other government officials had taken part in these missions to help achieve both these goals.(...)
A top French court has already ruled that the detention of suspects in the U.S. naval base was illegal, and defense lawyers said the prosecution's case was based in large part on information gleaned from the secret interviews.
The failure to include the interviews in the case file was a serious breach of defendants' rights which could later see a superior court rule the trial invalid, the lawyers told reporters.