Quando eu for grande quero ser administador de uma empresa portuguesa (se elas ainda existirem nessa altura)

"This paper ...examin[es] the determinants of top executive compensation of companies listed in the Euronext Lisbon (Portuguese Stock Exchange).

...our results suggest that company performance is not significantly related to executive compensation...

Neither is pay related to shareholders’ wealth, nor is managerial pay related to the risk of the equity holders...

Interestingly, not even variable compensation is related to performance, either market-based, or accounting based...In practice, our results suggest that variable compensation is very rigid, and indeed not very variable.

...Overall, the results suggest an important disconnect between investors and managers rewards.

Compensation is not related to shareholders wealth, nor do shareholders have any mechanism to influence it..."

Para quem tiver interesse nessas coisas, este paper apresenta as remunerações médias recebidas pelos administradores das principais empresas portuguesas cotadas na bolsa.