O alvo fácil da imprensa livre

Earlier this month, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet published a cartoon which depicted Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as a Nazi. Political cartoonist Finn Graff apparently saw fit to compare Olmert to SS Major Amon Goeth. Goeth, who ran the Plaszow death camp in Poland and was hanged in 1946, shoots at random Jews from the balcony of his villa in a scene in Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. In Graff’s cartoon, a shirtless Olmert smiles on a balcony while gripping a rifle. The message that the Jewish state is the new Nazi state couldn’t be clearer. But the truth is that radical Islam, not the democratic Israel, is what really scares Graff. He explained in an interview that he does not draw pictures mocking Muhammad because of his fear for Muslims and “out of respect.” Apparently it’s because he doesn’t fear Jews that Graff finds it acceptable to treat them with such venom.
Frontpage Magazine, via Dissecting Leftism.