Ondas subsidiadas

Irish renewable energy power generator, Finavera, is to get a E1.4m grant from the EU for a wave-power plant in Portugal.(...)

The proposed power plant, which will be developed in conjunction with several Portuguese partners, will be situated in 60 metres of water about 10km off the coast between the cities of Lisbon and Porto, the Irish Times reported.

It will start out as a 2 megawatt conversion power plant and if successful will be increased in size to 100 megawatts, producing enough electricity to power more than 50,000 homes.

Estimates show the Portuguese coastline contains enough exploitable wave energy to contribute as much as 20 per cent of the country's total electricity consumption, equal to more than E5 billion

Porque é que as energias alternativas necessitam de financiamento público (neste caso da UE)? Esses subsídios são contabilizados nos custos apresentados ao consumidor, quando se comparam custos com as "não-alternativas"?