Líbano depois da vitória divina

Sectarian tension. Is it really about Sunnis and Shias? Many would disagree. They will tell you that it’s the Hariri tribunal, stupid. “Many heads are going to roll. Have you not read the list al-Seyassah published? Almost everyone is on the list, including Lahoud and son, Bashar and company.” (...)
The word is the pro-Syrian camp is doing its best to at least change the government before it votes on the establishment of the tribunal. If Siniora won’t be toppled, then at least introduce a cabinet change to obstruct the passing of such bills. Hizbullah and Aoun and their pro-Syrian friends will stop at nothing to accomplish this. Journalists and media are being mobilized. (...) The message is: government is evil, Zionist. Tribunal is waste of money, an insult to Nasrallah who would have to testify, along with others. Even the Maronite patriarch has awoken to this ploy, and warned that the actions of those parties are designed to obstruct the establishment of that tribunal. He was quickly denounced by Aoun himself, who likened Bkirki to its Sunni counterpart in being a slave to Hariri’s whims.