Comércio nada livre

European Union states agreed on Wednesday to impose tariffs on Chinese and Vietnamese shoe imports for two years to prevent cheap imports flooding local markets.
The duties will be levied from Friday on 11 out of every 100 pair of leather shoes sold in Europe, replacing higher, temporary duties in place since April after EU governments voted the deal through.

The European Commission asked EU member states to back antidumping duties, alleging that China and Vietnam broke World Trade Organization rules by subsidizing shoe manufacturers and selling below-cost goods in Europe. (...)
Both nations reject the charges and accuse the EU of protectionism.

The Commission said European footwear production has shrunk by 30 percent since 2001 with the loss of 40,000 jobs, as shoe imports surged.

However, retailers and importers claim that European consumers benefit from cheaper trade and extra duties would burden them with additional costs. European companies that outsource labor-intensive manufacturing to Asia -- such as Ecco -- said they would also be unfairly caught by tariffs meant to target Asian shoemakers.

Eu sei que é chover no molhado, que já foi dito não sei quantas vezes, mas cá vai mais uma: tarifas/proteccionismo mau; comércio livre bom.
As respostas também já foram dadas tantas vezes que se perde a conta, mas cá vai mais uma delas, nas palavras fáceis de entender de Henry Hazlitt: "Who's “Protected” by Tariffs?"
Sobre o dumping, o Miguel publicou há tempos na Dia D o artigo "O dumping revisto e diminuído". É voltar a lê-lo.

Desculpem lá tanta repetição. Infelizmente, vai ser necessário continuar a fazê-lo.