A social-democracia sueca em acção

Imagine that we are in the US in the first week of November 2004, just before the presidential election. The federal school board, the electoral comission and the government are arranging elections in American schools to teach the students about democracy. Among them are some in the upper secondary school with a right to vote. And to all schools that want to participate they send an information package, including one dvd about how elections are arranged and one dvd about a specific ideology - compassionate conservatism.

What do you think that American journalists say?


Now two days have gone since I wrote that this is what is happening in Sweden right now, the days before he election - with socialism instead of conservatism, of course. The Swedish blogosphere is in uproar about it. But as far as I have seen, not a single mainstream journalist has written a single sentence about it.
What does that say about them? And what does that say about Sweden?