Ataque à embaixada americana em Damasco

Four men shouting religious slogans tried to blow up the U.S. embassy in Damascus on Tuesday but their car bomb failed to go off and Syrian security guards killed three of them in a shootout.(...)

The official news agency SANA said three attackers had been killed and a fourth wounded. A Syrian official said earlier that all four assailants had died.
A witness said at least one Syrian security guard had been killed by the attackers, who had been shouting Islamic slogans.
"I saw two men in plain clothes and armed with grenades and automatic weapons," said Ayman Abdel-Nour, a Syrian political commentator who was in the area. "They ran toward the compound shouting religious slogans while firing their automatic rifles."
Syrian state television said the attackers had tried but failed to detonate a car bomb.Television footage of the scene showed a van packed with gas canisters and detonators taped to them, as well as bloodstains on the pavement and several damaged vehicles,(...).

Security officials said the assailants' arsenal included rocket-propelled grenades. It was not known if they had fired them during the mid-morning gunbattle in central Damascus.