Como é diferente a Rússia

Political fixers at the Kremlin think they have found a solution to the failing fortunes of the party that was engineered to support President Vladimir Putin: create another one that pretends to be an opponent.

Mr Putin's aides are concerned that United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party that dominates parliament, is jaded and losing the support of the electorate. Vladislav Surkov, deputy head of the presidential administration, said Russia needed "a second major political party, which will need time to come to life, though we've become used to thinking that everything must be done at one go". He said it could eventually replace United Russia, which lacks ideology besides offering unwavering support for the president.
Como bem notou o FCG, existe uma notória continuidade de práticas desde a Rússia Czarista à Rússia "democrática" (incluindo o periodo da URSS). Era corrente o hábito de criar partidos para suportar o establishment no periodo final da Rússia czarista.