Vítimas politicamente incorrectas (1): Manuchehr Mohammadi

Manuchehr Mohammadi has reportedly gone into a coma. He had been on hunger
strike since 6 July, in protest at the authorities' refusal to grant him leave
from prison to receive medical treatment. His life is in grave danger.


Manuchehr has suffered serious health problems in prison, some reportedly
caused by torture and ill-treatment, and the conditions in which he has been
held. At one point he was reportedly chained in a crouching position with his
mouth gagged, in a vermin-infested cell, and was frequently beaten. He suffers
from gingivitis, which causes chronic, severe bleeding from the gums, and
causes him pain when he speaks or eats. He has allegedly been denied adequate
medical treatment, although prison doctors have recommended it. In about April
2005, a prison doctor reportedly told him that his gingivitis had advanced to
the point that, in order to cure it, he would need to have all his teeth
removed and dentures fitted. He is not known to have received any treatment.


Following the news of the deterioration in Manuchehr’s health, members of his
family went to Tehran to protest, and held a demonstration outside Tehran
University with his supporters. The demonstrators were reportedly attacked, and
some of them badly beaten, either by the police, or possibly by members of the
semi-official organization Ansar-e Hezbollah, which opposes political dissent
against the state. Up to 40 people were reportedly arrested, including
Manuchehr’s mother, aunt, uncle and cousin.

Manuchehr Mohammadi was accused of having a leading role in the July 1999
student-led protests known as the 18 Tir demonstrations after the Iranian date.
He was shown on television "confessing" to involvement with
"counter-revolutionary agents".
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