Da avassaladora fúria legislativa virá a Salvação

Ou a Servidão.

Recomendo vivamente a leitura completa do texto "Interfering Holyrood is assembling a totalitarian jigsaw", publicado no Scotsman de domingo passado:

[THE Scottish Parliament] triumphs have included the tokenist abolition of feudalism, the ban on hunting and on fur farming (non-existent in Scotland - they might as well have banned bull-fighting), the oppressive and confiscatory land "reform" laws and the smoking ban. This last measure signalled the Scottish Executive's determination to intrude ever further into people's lifestyles. The depth of the Executive's fanaticism was demonstrated by its refusal to allow smoking even on stage.(...)

Where is the benefit in privatising industries if people are nationalised? The link between an obese drinker huddled over a cigarette outside a Glasgow pub and the high-minded writings of such defenders of liberty as Friedrich von Hayek, Frederic Bastiat and Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn might appear tenuous. In fact it is very close.

Não sei porquê, mas depois de ler o texto, fiquei com a sensação de algo de semelhante se estar a passar por cá.