A grande festa da democracia absoluta

Numa manifestação em Beirute onde se terão reunido meio milhão de apoiantes do Hezbollah, o seu líder Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah faz gato-sapato da comunidade internacional e das resoluções da ONU que exigem o desarmamento do movimento e, declarando um impressionante arsenal, diz que é imperativo que o poder mude de mãos.
Em "Nasrallah says no army can disarm Hizbollah" (Reuters):
"The resistance today, pay attention...has more than 20,000 rockets," he told hundreds of thousands of cheering supporters in his first public appearance since the war broke out in July.
"...There is no army in the world that can (force us) to drop our weapons from our hands, from our grip," he declared.
"I say to them: blockade the borders and the seas and the skies -- this will not weaken the will of the resistance or the weapons of the resistance," he said.
"The current government is unable to protect Lebanon, or to reconstruct Lebanon or to unify Lebanon," he said.

"The building of an able, just and strong state starts first with the establishment of a national unity government. This is our new project that we will work for with all our force in the coming stage."