Fugir de um paraíso socialista

Many thousands of North Koreans have fled to China over the last decade - forced to live secretly, in wretched conditions and vulnerable to abuse, to avoid being sent back.

The BBC's Jonathan Head reports on an underground network of mainly Christian activists trying to get some of them out of China, increasingly through South-East Asia, where they can move on to South Korea or the US.
Vale a pena ler também o comentário de Tom Palmer:
This BBC story reminds me of the TV broadcast I saw some years ago on German TV, in which escapees who had been raised in coercively atheist North Korea related how they were told that, upon getting across the border into China, they should look for buildings with a certain sign on it, because the people in such buildings would help them. The sign was a long vertical line intersected at right angles about 1/3 from the top with a shorter horizontal line.