Sobre o multiculturalismo no Reino Unido

Quick, somebody buy a wreath. Last week marked the passing of multiculturalism as official government doctrine. No longer will opponents of this corrosive and divisive creed be silenced simply by the massed Pavlovian ovine accusation: “Racist!” Better still, the very people who foisted multiculturalism upon the country are the ones who have decided that it has now outlived its usefulness — that is, the political left.

Headteacher who never taught again after daring to criticise multiculturalism, por Karyn Miller, Melissa Kite, James Orr, Nina Goswami e Roya Nikkhah.
There are no photographs of him pictured with his students. But that was all a long time ago now. Mr Honeyford, 72, "retired" more than 20 years ago as the headmaster of a school in Bradford. Or, at least, that was when he was vilified by politically correct race "experts", was sent death threats, and condemned as a racist. Eventually, he was forced to resign and never allowed to teach again.

His crime was to publish an article in The Salisbury Review in 1984 doubting whether the children in his school were best served by the connivance of the educational authorities in such practices as the withdrawal of children from school for months at a time in order to go ''home" to Pakistan, on the grounds that such practices were appropriate to the children's native culture. In language that was sometimes maladroit, he drew attention, at a time when it was still impermissible to do so, to the dangers of ghettoes developing in British cities.

Be clear, this is Asian apartheid. Jasper Gerard entrevista George Alagiah.
He did not cry — that was against the rules — but imagine the desolation of the 11-year-old boy: left in a strange school in a strange country as his father disappeared down the drive in the back of a green Vauxhall taxi. “I knew then,” says George Alagiah softly, “I would never live with my family again.”
So began a Sri Lankan boy’s British odyssey. Lately this journey has taken the BBC newscaster to some of Britain’s most racially divided outposts, prompting him to write a book with disturbing conclusions: Britain, he suggests, is becoming an apartheid state; but while in South Africa this was the design of whites, in Britain, Alagiah says, it is sometimes immigrants’ “own fault” they are “left behind”.
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