Blomstrandbreen, aquecimento global e a ofensiva eco-religiosa

The 9-9-06 Issue of The Economist has global warming as a cover story, The Heat is On. On page 8 of the special section, the Economist lends support to the quip that environmental writers have a post-it-note on their computer screens that reads: “never, ever check facts.” We take note of the fact that it prints two pictures of a Svalbard Glacier from 1918 and 2002 respectively called Blomstrandbreen as implicit
proof of melting ice. Danish professor Ole Humlum from Oslo University, who used to work at the university’s branch in Svalbard, years ago revealed the photos as a Greenpeace hoax. Blomstrandbreen is a so-called galloping glacier, which periodically advances and retreats, regardless of the climate. We reach back to 2002 for a report on the hoax. The Economist seems either oblivious or unconcerned with reality. Makes one wonder what else in the report is science fiction
Moral da história?
Todo o cuidado é pouco quando se está a lidar com o fanatismo de organizações eco-religiosas como a Greenpeace.