O caminho para o inferno

President Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelans on Sunday to embrace his "21st century socialism," while poll results showed less than one-third of the population supports the economic model.
Speaking during his weekly radio and television program, Chavez called on Venezuelans to "leave behind any confusion or any type of fears, phantoms," regarding socialism. (...)

In Sunday's program, Chavez urged his countrymen to work "to build this road: Venezuelan socialism of the 21st century.(...)

Chavez often tells Venezuelans that "being rich is bad" while calling capitalism a "savage" economic system used by the world's most powerful countries, including the United States, to "dominate and colonize" poor nations. Many of the president's opponents fear he is flirting with communism while becoming increasingly authoritarian.
The Venezuelan government has warned it will confiscate hundreds of private companies that are lying idle if they fail to re-open.(...)

"Either capitalism, which is the road to hell, or socialism, for those who want to build the kingdom of God here on Earth," he said.