Maravilhas do socialismo nórdico

Sweden's trade union organisation, LO, has been accused of trying to suppress a report that claimed that the real number of unemployed people in Sweden could be much higher than the five percent shown in official figures.

The report's author, Jan Edling, resigned from LO last week claiming that the organisation was trying to block his report, which he had spent five years writing. He accused LO's leadership of being motivated by a desire to protect the Social Democratic Party from embarrassment.

Now both the content and the ensuing internal strife have been made public. The report was published by Timbro on its website.

Five percent of Swedes of working age are currently classed as unemployed. A further three percent are occupied in state-organised job schemes. The controversy surrounding Edling's report centres on his interpretation of the 700,000 Swedes who are either on long-term sick leave or in early retirement. Edling asks how many of these people are in fact unemployed.

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