Genocídio sem prime-time

The scale of the latest fighting in Darfur was laid bare yesterday when the United Nations found that gunmen allied to Sudan's regime raided 45 villages and killed "hundreds" of black Africans in the space of a few days.

The attacks were a small part of a new offensive by Khartoum's Arab-dominated regime against Darfur's black African rebels in late August.

The onslaught in the Buram area of Southern Darfur province was documented by the UN's High Commission for Human Rights. It found that up to 1,000 gunmen from the Arab Habbania tribe struck the villages and forced 10,000 people to flee.

"As they approached houses, the attackers fired indiscriminately, shooting those inside, and systematically setting fire to houses," said the UN report. "Possessions, including all livestock, were extensively looted."

Tratam-se de negros (muçulmanos, animistas, o que quer que professem) assassinados, perseguidos, roubados, deportados e violados por milícias islâmicas, apoiadas pelo governo sudanês e por um desprezível mas revelador silêncio.

Notícia Telegraph.